Civil Litigation

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Los Angeles Civil Litigation Attorney

A civil attorney is a lawyer who specializes in civil law, which is a broad category of law that includes many different areas such as contracts, property, torts (personal injury), and business litigation. Civil attorneys typically help their clients to navigate legal disputes that do not involve criminal charges.

These attorneys can help clients in many different types of civil litigation matters. For example, they can help individuals and businesses draft and review contracts, resolve disputes through negotiation or mediation, and represent their clients in court if necessary. They can also help clients to navigate the legal system, such as by providing advice on what steps to take to file a lawsuit or defend against one.

Why Having a Civil Litigation Lawyer Is Important

The importance of civil attorneys lies in their ability to help clients to protect their rights and interests. For example, if a business owner is being sued by a customer, a civil attorney can help the owner to understand the legal requirements and defenses that apply to the case and can provide guidance on how best to defend against the lawsuit.

Similarly, if an individual is being evicted from their home, a civil attorney can help the individual to understand their rights under the law and to contest the eviction.

It’s worth noting that Civil law is a legal dispute between private parties, as opposed to criminal law which is the legal action taken by the government against individuals or organizations that have committed a crime.

Civil Attorneys usually don’t represent the state as criminal attorneys do. Civil attorneys are also generally not involved in criminal cases and instead focus on providing legal assistance to individuals, businesses, and other private parties in civil matters.

Common Practice Areas for Civil Lawyers

  • Contract law: If you’re dealing with a contract dispute or need help in drafting and enforcing contracts, consult an attorney who specializes in contract law. Such attorneys can review your agreements as well as assist should any breach of contract lawsuits arise. With their aid, you’ll have the confidence that comes from knowing your legal rights are being properly protected.
  • Property law: Attorneys who specialize in property law can help clients to buy, sell, and lease real estate. They can also assist with disputes that arise out of property ownership, such as boundary disputes and eviction proceedings.
  • Personal Injury law: If you or a beloved one has been injured due to someone else’s careless or purposeful behavior, then an attorney specializing in personal injury lawyer can assist. Not only do they negotiate settlements with insurance companies on your behalf, but also may pursue legal actions against those responsible parties.
  • Business law: Attorneys who are proficient in business law can help people start and run a business. This includes making sure the right paperwork is filled out, helping to protect ideas that are unique to the business, and giving advice on how the business should be set up and what rules it needs to follow.
  • Employment law: For employers and employees alike, employment law attorneys are instrumental in navigating the complexities of legal matters related to discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination that may arise on the job.

These are just a few examples of the many different areas of specialization that experienced civil attorneys can have.

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